Private lessons 2020

During these weird and unprecedented times we are trying to still keep going by delivering 121 Learn to Ride lessons every Saturday at Holmfirth High School. All lessons take place outdoors on the lower playground.  Once your child is riding we are happy to continue to develop them as a cyclist by offering Improve your Skills lessons.  We are following all Covid guidelines for sport outdoors.

If the trainee is a child a parent must be present to help correct position, helmet etc. More details will be given to interested parties. If you use our special Balance or Learn to Ride bikes, these will have been thoroughly cleaned, we will advise you to wear gloves as for normal cycling, but of course if you have your own bike that is great!  We will be outside for the duration, which has been scientifically proven to be the best place to be.

Heather and I look forward to helping your child/children to learn to ride, a skill they will have for life.  Children learn by doing and by being given the confidence to achieve each step.  There are 4 steps to Learn to Ride and your child will progress at their own speed as each step is achieved.

All lessons are scheduled for 1 hour however, there will be a 5 – 10  min gap between lessons to allow for bikes to be cleaned and customers to social distance, arriving and leaving.  Thank you.

We do offer 1-2-2 lessons and up to 1-2-4 if the children are from the same bubble (school class) or household.


Learn to Ride child (suitable for 4 years +)

121  X 1 hour lesson   £20.00

122  X  1 hour lesson   £30.00

123/124  X  1 hour lesson  £40.00

(groups of 4 are maximum and must be from same social bubble or family)

Learn to Ride Adult (18+)

1hours lesson                                                  £25.00

2 x 1 hour lessons                                           £40.00

Balanceability (child only – for up to 2 children suitable from 2 ½ years to 5)

1 hour lesson with games & activities £20.00

Prices as for Learn to Ride if groups bigger (max 4 and must be from same social bubble/family).

Cycling safely on the Road (from School Year 4 upwards to include adults)

2 hour lesson £40.00 (1 or 2 participants to 1 Instructor).

Please contact me if you are interested via messenger, text 07969663881 or email, I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you